LArge Format

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4x5 film holders

A variety to choose from


Crown View 4x5 Camera

Inlcudes extension rail, five original wood film holders, original carry case


Deardorff 8x10

Original Deardorff ground glass, bellows light-tight and good condition. nickel-plated hardware in very good condition, includes Dagor 12" lens in Ilex No. 4 shutter


Graflex Crown Graphic 45, Schneider 135mm 4.7

Synchro-Compur shutter. Original box and documentation, excellent+ condition


Graflex Super Graphic 4x5, Graflex Optar 125mm f4.7

Graphex shutter, original beautiful gold and blue box and manual, like new


Grafmatic 4x5 Film holder

Includes 6 septums


Minolta Color Meter II

Excellen condition, in case


Minolta Flash Meter IV F

Excellent condition, includes case, box


Minolta Flash Meter IV F

Very good condition, includes original manual


Minolta Spotmeter M

Very good condition


Nikkor-W 150mm f5.6 S

Excellent+ condition. Includes original front and rear caps. Glass perfect


Pentax Spot Meter II

With case, very good condition


Pentax Spot meter V

With case, very good condition


Sekonic C-500 Prodigi Color

In case, original manual, good condition

Sekonic Digi Lite F L-328

Excellent condition with case and instructions


Sekonic L-508

With case, very good condition


Sekonic L-758DR

In case with original documentation, good condition


Soligor Spot Sensor II

With case and instruction manual, Zone VI mods, very good condition


Toyo Super Graphic 4x5, Toyonon 127mm f4.7

Lens comes in Copal No. 0 shutter. Excellent+ condition


Toyo-View 45C monorail, Graflex Tele-Optar 135mm 5.6

Excellent condition, not many signs of use, bellows light-tight and in good condition