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Dennis started shooting photos when he was young, after receiving a Kodak Pocket 110 camera for Christmas. He graduated from that to his mother’s Kodak Brownie, using it during photography class in 8th grade. Dennis took a break during High School, then bought a Canon AE-1 when he got his first full-time job after graduation. This introduced him to a wide range of film stocks and photographic techniques.

Interview and videography by Chris Chavez of Nine4 Films

Through Design College, he continued shooting photos, experimenting with various focal lengths, long exposures, and available-light photography. Upon graduating, he was able to roll this skill set into one of his positions as an Art Director for a themed construction company. He did work for Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World, as well as zoos and aquariums around the world. He traveled to job sites and photographed the finished exhibits with the company's Nikon FM2, and he created an in-house photography service for the marketing department. This allowed him to explore the world of medium and large-format photography. He also began working with video, as an early adopter of digital editing. Very early.

Dennis went on to start his own graphic design company, offering graphic and motion design, photography, and video production. As digital photography was replacing analog, he embraced it a bit later than most, purchasing his first digital camera, the Canon 10D. 

With the resurgence of analog photography, he has dusted off his film cameras, purchased “new” ones, and has rekindled his love for that medium. He does this while still shooting digitally. Different tools, different disciplines.

Dennis can be found many Saturdays loitering at Monument Camera, meeting other photographers, talking shop, and learning things about the tools and the amazing art of photography.

You can see more of Dennis' work at his website

Following are Dennis' images currently displayed in the Monument Gallery

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