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Monument Gallery

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Alex Casares

Alex Casares' work highlights the unique feel and spirit of Tucson street life. Alex does more than just capture scenes, he becomes part of them, resulting in a certain personal, intimate connection with the public. Exhibition open January 19-February 28, 2022

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John Isner

John Isner creates fascinating images with just one color: blue...cyanotype to be specific. The latest exhibit in the Monument Gallery, which opens June 24, 2021, features nearly two dozen of Isner's images, including a new process he developed, combining old and new: the cyanotype process from the 1840s with inkjet printing from the 2000s.

Business Morning _edited.jpg

Dennis Farris

The inaugural exhibit in the Monument Gallery features striking black-to-white Southern Arizona landscapes by Tucson photo artist, Dennis Farris. Read more about Dennis, watch view a video biography, and get a preview of the images on display in the gallery. This exhibit will be on display March 15-April 30, 2021.

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