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35mm Point and Shoot

*Inventory updated weekly. Call for availability

Canon FF35 35mm f3.8 Macro
Includes date function, flash works, original box
Canon Sure Shot
Very good condition
Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom Date
38-60mm 4.5-6.7 lens, very good condition
Canon Sure Shot Supreme
Very good condition
Canon Sure Shot with 38mm 2.8 lens
Good condition
Fuji Smart Shot Supreme
Very good condition
Leica C1
Leica Vario -Elmar 35-105mm lens, original plastic fitted case, excellent condition
Leica Mini
Leica Elmar 35mm f3.5, excellent condition
Mamiya M Autofocus point and shoot
Mamiya-Sekor 38mm f2.8 lens, very good condition
Minolta AutoFocus Tele
38-60mm lens, good condition
Minolta F10 Focus Free
Very good condition
Minolta F10BF
Big viewfinder, red-eye reduction, DX, very good condition
Minolta Freedom Zoom 125 Panoram Date
37.5-125mm lents, Multi-AF, Panorama, very good condition, with original case
Minolta Hi-MAtic AF2
38mm f2.8 lens, with original leather case and strap, excellent
Nikon L35 AF Pikaichi
Good condition
Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 110 AF
38-110mm zoom, autofocus, Quartz date, Panorama feature, silver, very good condition
Nikon One Touch Zoom AF
Excellent condition, case
Nikon Touch 100
35mm lens, good condition
Nikon Zoom Touch 500
35-80 zoom, Macro, very good condition
Olympus Infinity Twin Quartzdate
Weatherproof, like new in box
Olympus Quick Shooter Zoom
35-70mm lens, original Olympus UV filter
Olympus Super Zoom 105 R
Very good condition
Olympus Super Zoom 760
38-76mm lens, auto focus, very good condition
Olympus Zoom 2000
38-76mm lens, auto focus, very good condition, with case and original box
Pentax 50mm f2.8 lens for Auto 110
Good condition with caps
Pentax 70mm f2.8 lens for Auto 110
Very good condition with bubble case
Pentax Auto 110 with 24mm f2.8 lens
Good condition, original manual, lens cap, wrist strap
Pentax IQZoom 700
Autofocus, Macro, 35-70mm zoom, missing flash cover/diffuser
Pentax IQZoom 735
Autofocus, Macro, 35-70mm zoom, with case
Polaroid 252 BV Motorized
35mm f8 prime lens
Ricoh FF-90D Super
35mm f2.8 lens, good condition
Ricoh TF-500
35mm f2.8 and 70mm f5.6 lens, good condition
Ultronic Panoramic
Simple, manual wind, focus free, good condition
Vivitar Big View BV35
Auto focus, flash, large viewfinder
Vivitar PS45s
Focus free, motor drive, Flash, DX
Vivitar PS88 Autofocus DX
In box
Vivitar Spree Big View in Purple
Auto focus, flash, large viewfinder
Yashica EZS Zoom 70
38-70mm zoom ,very good condition, with original Yashica case
Yashica Micro Finesse with 33mm f3.5 lens
Very good condition, with pouch and user manual
Yashica Zoomtec QD
35-70mm zoom, very good condition
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