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35mm Point and Shoot

*Inventory updated weekly. Call for availability

Canon Sure Shot
Very good condition
Canon Sure Shot 60 Zoom Date
38-60mm 4.5-6.7 lens, very good condition
Fuji Discovery 1000 Zoom
Very good condition
Fuji Smart Shot Supreme
Very good condition
Fujifilm Cardia Mini Tiara
Issue with loose hinge on film door, but works with a gaffer hinge in place :-)
Minolta AF-SV, 35mm f2.8 lens
Very good condition, original front cover/cap
Minolta Hi-Matic AF2
Includes original front cap, body case, strap, and instruction manual
Nikon Lite Touch 140
Good condition
Nikon One Touch Zoom AF
Excellent condition, case
Nikon Touch 100
35mm lens, good condition
Nikon Zoom Touch 500
35-80 zoom, Macro, very good condition
Nishika N8000 with case and strap
Stereo lenticular camera uses standard 35mm color print film. The camera takes four photos simultaneously from four slightly different angles using a 30mm Quadra Lens System of four identical lenses that are precisely aligned.
Olympus Infinity Zoom 200
38-80mm zoom, good condition
Olympus Quick Shooter Zoom
35-70mm lens, original Olympus UV filter
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170
38-170 zoom lens, all weather, silver, excellent condition
Olympus Super Zoom 105 R
Very good condition
Olympus SuperZoom 3000
Excellent condition, in box
Olympus mju III 80
Champagne color, Excellent condition, external shutter release
Pentax IQZoom 90 WR
Excellent cosmetic condition, with original case and box. Remote control does not work
Ultronic Panoramic
Simple, manual wind, focus free, good condition
Vivitar PS:20 Point and SHoot
35mm primae lens, DX coded
Yashica Micro Finesse 33mm f3.5
Excellent condition, Original pouch, panoramic adapter with instruction, original manual
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