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Cinestill 1 liter collapsible bottles


Cinestill C-41 color film developer

Powder to make 1 liter. Processes up to 24 rolls


Cinestill Monobath C96

Black and white single bath film developer. Powder to make 1 liter. Processes up to 16 rolls of 35mm


FlicFilm Bamboo tongs

Bambook, one-piece tongs with dipped rubber tips


FlicFilm Black, White, and Green

Environmentally friendly developer that can safely be flushed down the drain or into your septic system. Shelf life is very long. It is a high concentration developer that is diluted 1:49 and can be mixed as needed. Use development times for Kodak D-76 1:2. This comes in a 250ml bottle which will make 12.5 litres of working solution with a total capacity of 50 rolls of film.


FlicFilm Classic MQ black and white developer

Classic black and white film developer offering fine grain results along with full film speed, high shadow detail, and normal contrast. This powdered developer can be used straight or diluted 1:1 for increased sharpness with slightly more graininess. Development times for D-76 developer can be used for Classic MQ. Comes in four liter pouches with capacity for 48 rolls


FlicFilm Phenatol Green paper developer

The only environmentally friendly paper developer on the market, Phenatol Green is used much like Quintol. Dilutions are 1 part stock solution with 1 part water for high-contrast prints, 1 part stock solution with 2 parts water for less contrast, 1:3 for normal contrast and 1:4 for low contrast prints. Comes in a 4 litre size.


FlicFilm black and white cine film developer

Specifically designed for motion picture film like Kodak Double-X, Orwo UN54 and N75 as well as Lomography Potsdam and Berlin Kino 400, it is a low contrast developer for managing highlights and shadows in the most demanding conditions. It can be used stock or diluted 1:1 for a sharper image with slightly more graininess. Development time starting points are 7 minutes for stock and 10.5 minutes for 1:1. Comes in four liter pouches with capacity of 48 rolls


FlicFilm low odour stop bath

Citric acid stop bath. Comes in a 200gram bottle. Mixed 20g (3.5 teaspoons) to a litre, one bottle will make 10 litres of stop bath. Each litre has a capacity of 12 rolls of film for a total package capacity of 120 rolls of film.


Gralab darkroom timers