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  • Do you buy camera gear?
    Yes, we regularly purchase used camera gear and accessories based on market demand and equpiment condition. Feel free to call and discuss your gear. We love cameras and gear of all types.
  • Do you sell and repair video cameras?
    No, we do not.
  • Do you sell film?
    Yes, we have a good variety of 35, 120, and 4x5 film, both color and black-to-white
  • Does Monument Camera process film?
    Yes, we do...35mm and 120 formats, color and black and white
  • Do you offer classes or consulting on cameras and photography?
    Yes, please see our "Classes and Workshops" page for details, as well as individual Camera Coaching sessions.
  • Do you repair cameras?
    We can help you with basic troubleshooting, but do not perform repairs and maintenance. We would refer you to Tucson Camera Repair, 520-887-1841, 3813 N Oracle Road in Tucson.
  • Do you rent out your studio for photo shoots and other events?
    Studio time is available on a limited basis. Please contact Monument Camera with your inquiries.
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