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  • Color (C-41) and black-and-white negative film in both 35mm and 120 format

  • Development-only is $9 for all film types mentioned above


  • Development + scanning is $19

  • Development + Scanning + Printing is $29

  • Development + print only is $23

  • Turnaround time is currently 5 days

  • Your scans will be delivered electronically; you will receive a text/email with instructions on downloading them

  • Your negatives are returned to you if you choose. These are the long-lasting record of your images, so you should have them and protect them. Negatives will come back to you 1) in uncut roll in a plastic cannister (no charge), 2) uncut in long sleeve (+$2), or 3) cut and sleeved in 4-exposure sections in archival, polypropylene sleeves.

  • Currently, film must be dropped off and picked up in person during store hours, Wednesday-Saturday, 10-6

  • We currently offer scanning and printing only for newly developed film

  • Film we do not process at this time: Slide film (E-6), Kodachrome, disc film, ECN, 110, APS, 126

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